Skylark (skyewishes) wrote in glamourbombing,

12 Glamours for your usage

Places to leave Glamour Bombs: Libraries, schools, parks, letter boxes, cafes, super markets, shelves in stores, bus stops, train stations, petrol stations, playgrounds, street trees (in nooks or hanging off branches, please tie loosely so as not to hurt the tree), street signs, bus and train seats, back alleys, on top of walls, sugar bowls at cafes, inside library books.

1. Miniature mail like the World's Smallest Post Office
2. Pressed flowers
3. Paper snowflakes made from recycled books
4. Tickets for 'Three Wishes'
5. Painted stones
6. Witch's ladders
7. Small bags of seeds and beans with instructions for planting
8. Magic potions (water, food colouring, herbs)
9. Scrolls written in Runic alphabets, Ogham or other magical script
10. Bells on ribbons tied to trees, lamp posts etc. (they make music in the wind)
11. Hollow books
12. Messages written on bark, leaves, feathers
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