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12 Glamours for your usage

Places to leave Glamour Bombs: Libraries, schools, parks, letter boxes, cafes, super markets, shelves in stores, bus stops, train stations, petrol stations, playgrounds, street trees (in nooks or hanging off branches, please tie loosely so as not to hurt the tree), street signs, bus and train seats, back alleys, on top of walls, sugar bowls at cafes, inside library books.

1. Miniature mail like the World's Smallest Post Office
2. Pressed flowers
3. Paper snowflakes made from recycled books
4. Tickets for 'Three Wishes'
5. Painted stones
6. Witch's ladders
7. Small bags of seeds and beans with instructions for planting
8. Magic potions (water, food colouring, herbs)
9. Scrolls written in Runic alphabets, Ogham or other magical script
10. Bells on ribbons tied to trees, lamp posts etc. (they make music in the wind)
11. Hollow books
12. Messages written on bark, leaves, feathers

Faerie purse

I'm thinking about making a sort of... faerie purse thing (obviously inspired by a certain comment on the faerie shopping list idea) out of leaves that I would sew together. I'm not worried about the leaves, or the sewing, but I have ideas about what I'll put in it, but the hard part is where to put it. I feel like if I put it someplace deliberately obvious, like hanging over a sidewalk on a tree branch at eye level, then it would seem too intentional, but I still have to think of someplace where it would be seen and still seem magical. I've found elementary schools to be very nice places for glamourbombs, in the past, but I've done that enough and I want to put this one somewhere important. Any ideas?
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Ideas for a fae-like shopping list?

I'm not an experienced glamour-bomber, but I had an idea and wanted to seek some advice. I thought of writing up a "grocery list" of sorts and dropping it somewhere where someone might find it - probably within a store, since I don't want to litter. Along with things like apples and honey, I wanted to have items/substances/etc. on the list which would make this an effective glamourbomb.

I should probably note that my intention is less glitter-and-sparkles and more along the lines what I understand to be the original intent of glamourbombs (as described here). The problem is that I really don't know what sorts of things would be on such a list. I thought maybe some of you might have some ideas. (I did think of things like "bat wings" or "thistledown" - things that you wouldn't find in a normal grocery store - but I'm not sure if those are good enough.)

Also, I suppose the over-arching question for me is: do you think this even a good idea? Or could it be adapted somehow to be more effective?

Also also, I just realized I keep referring to this as a grocery list, but it doesn't have to be just groceries. A general shopping list works too.

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Got the materials, need Ideas please!

Hi, everyone. How are you doing?

Well recently whne both my parents were out all day, and I had time I made some glamourbomb materials. I painted some pennies and made some fairly nice burned paper. I want to do something special with the paper espcialy but I have no ideas. Help please!

I am really excited about spring arriving. It keeps stopping by here, but I don't think it's here to stay yet. Any ideas to bring in the springtime spirit and encourage it to stay?

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