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The gates are opening
The veil grows thinnest here
I am going to take the opportunity afforded by a fresh start in a new community to share a few thoughts about what really makes a Glamour Bomb. I am hoping that the refined focus of the community will make it possible to do this, without having to worry about explaining it terms that spread so far across different ideas that all the meanings get lost.

To my mind, the single most important ingredient is Intent.
After all, you cannot very well expect to be effective if you aren't clear on what you are aiming for.

The intended purpose of GlamourBombing is very clear: to bring a sense of Wonder and Enchantment into people's lives in a way that expands their Belief beyond their previous limits, in an effort to bring more Wonder and Enchantment into the world.
For a far more eloquent statement of this, you need look no further than the community info page.

This brings us to the Other Most Important Ingredient (heh): Glamour.
Glamour is Magic. It is Enchantment. It is that *Something* that makes certain moments, people, places and things seem to shine just a little brighter and gives us the feeling there is Something More. It is the lights that beckon you off the path and into the woods at night. It is that *feeling* that draws you on to find that perfect secluded spot where you can *just* almost see, from the corner of your eye, Something dancing in the sunbeams. It is that moment when you know that the moonlight on the water is more than just a reflection and makes you wonder where it would lead if you walked along the path it made. It is that music you can only just barely hear, where there is no reason to be hearing music.

And it is something we can carry around inside us.
It is something we can channel through and let loose onto the world.

That is what Glamourbombing has always been about, to me - sharing that Magic.

Sometimes, it is hard to get other people to see this. They don't always seem to feel it. They can't seem to hear the music or see the dancing in the sunbeams...
So, we give them something to focus on. We give them something they *can* see. We give them something that will make them wonder when they see it, so that maybe a bit of the Glamour will slip in while they are trying out new doors of Possibility in their heads.

But without the *Glamour* behind it, these things are just empty props.
No matter what materials you use, it needs to be infused with the Magic and Enchantment and Intent that make it truly a GlamourBomb.
As our community maintainers like to call it... you have to put some Mojo into it.

Much of what I have done in this area did not even really center around props. I kept my own flow of Glamour going by "walking my territory", for many years. I would go to the area I had chosen (or did it choose me?), and I would walk with Intent. I would think of the Glamour and feel it flowing with each step I took. I did this, to a large degree, for myself. It kept me in touch with the Enchantment I was trying to put back into the world. It kept me focused.
It worked. Often, when I was feeling a bit discouraged, someone would pop up (there are no coincidences, in my life) and ask me if I wanted to head out to that particular area (it was actually a downtown area), because it just "felt better" to them and they "needed a boost". I am very grateful that the Universe is so prompt with its swift kicks to my bum... at least most of the time. heh.

So whatever other bits of this and that I may happen to be using, or whatever little mischiefs i might be planning, I never leave out the essential ingredients.

And the wonderful thing is this is something we all have on hand, always.

As i've told some of my friends, countless times:

If you can Breathe, you can Enchant.
All it takes is Belief.
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