(she moved in circles, and those circles moved) (skirtsandtea) wrote in glamourbombing,
(she moved in circles, and those circles moved)

Ideas for a fae-like shopping list?

I'm not an experienced glamour-bomber, but I had an idea and wanted to seek some advice. I thought of writing up a "grocery list" of sorts and dropping it somewhere where someone might find it - probably within a store, since I don't want to litter. Along with things like apples and honey, I wanted to have items/substances/etc. on the list which would make this an effective glamourbomb.

I should probably note that my intention is less glitter-and-sparkles and more along the lines what I understand to be the original intent of glamourbombs (as described here). The problem is that I really don't know what sorts of things would be on such a list. I thought maybe some of you might have some ideas. (I did think of things like "bat wings" or "thistledown" - things that you wouldn't find in a normal grocery store - but I'm not sure if those are good enough.)

Also, I suppose the over-arching question for me is: do you think this even a good idea? Or could it be adapted somehow to be more effective?

Also also, I just realized I keep referring to this as a grocery list, but it doesn't have to be just groceries. A general shopping list works too.

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