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The gates are opening

The veil grows thinnest here

Glamour Bombing
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Welcome to this community, which embraces the original spirit of glamourbombing, as it was introduced on the Darkfae-L forum back in 1997. As ever, the concept of glamourbombing is about being a conduit for the spirits of nature, and bringing wonder and awareness of faerie energies into the everyday world. Please read the user info before posting.

Please post only about matters relating directly to glamourbombing. It is acceptable to reprint news articles if your act of glamourbombing has made the papers, or if glamourbombing itself is mentioned specifically. Please do not post any other kind of news articles.

This community was founded in part to restore the concept of glamourbombing and to distinguish it from acts of street theater, public art, and practical jokes. These concepts are also interesting and have their place but they are not glamourbombing. Off topic posts will be deleted. Please review the community FAQ if this is unclear.

#Glamour = (from the archaic word grammarye) meaning an enchantment, a spell, or a changing of the parameters of perception.

#Bombing = Something dropped unexpectedly in ones midst, rapid dispersion (in this case, of presuppositions, habits, pretensions, and rigid attitudes)

What is the objective of a Glamour Bomb?

"A glamourbomb ... is an anonymous act that causes people to feel brushed by the divine, the supernatural, or the realm of faerie, and plants in their minds the sense that maybe there is more to the universe than meets the eye.

The purpose of glamourbombing on a larger scale is to help lift the veil of illusion that causes most people to see the world (and themselves) as limited and ordinary. Every time a sense of wonder is evoked the gates are opened and the veil is lifted just that much more. Magic flows more freely and is more accessible to all.

Faerie mischief is the inspiration, and when we're making a glamourbomb, the magic of faerie moves our hands. We are simply conduits for this kind of magic. The artifacts we leave in the enactment of a glamourbomb are gifts from the realm of faerie, and are as ephemeral as a sandcastle. They don't have to last or be recorded.

We shouldn't be perceived as an actor in this spell. It isn't about ego. It's all about effect. Usually, the most effective glamourbombs are anonymous and often we don't even stick around to observe reactions...although we can if we don't get caught. Street theatrics, funny costumes, and public shenanigans may elicit smiles and bafflement, but they are usually something else, not glamourbombing. One must be ubiquitous but unseen*.

*There are (of course) exceptions to this. Cultivating a certain persona or appearance can be a form of glamour but there should be a strong element of authenticity rather than just dressing up and fantasizing or performing. This is possibly the trickiest form of glamour to pull off successfully.

What specifically is a glamour bomb?

It is not your basic prank, hoax, or practical joke. Those things can be fun too but they usually only function to amuse, bother, humiliate, shame, scare, or embarrass people, and doesn't transform their outlook or introduce wonder and magic into their perspective of the world. It is also an act of ego if it's primary purpose is to amuse the prankster.

Have you ever seen the amazing French film Amelie? The main character, Amelie Poulain, is an exemplary glamour bomber. She cultivates mystery and wonder (and sometimes fear) in the lives of others in such a way that they feel touched by magic, marvel, and the divine, and not merely pranked, blessed or manipulated by a person. Think "postcards from the garden gnome" ...

For more info, see the Wikipedia entry on Glamourbombs. The best way to get to know the spirit of glamourbombing is to participate in the community. Read the posts, respond to them, communicate with experienced glamourbombers.

Bear in mind that we follow the true spirit of faerie, insofar as we apprehend it, and as such we understand faerie to have both a light and dark side.

Glamourbombing isn't transgressive nor is it political. It speaks to the spirit, not the ego or the mask. Shattering illusions (as we perceive them) through agressive cultural rebellion or obnoxious behavior is more an act of anti-glamour. This is not about testing our personal power or making social critiques. Glamour bombing effects change on a personal or spiritual level. This may in turn lead to social change but the outcome isn't directed by the individual "bomber" and is left open to interpretation.

It's also not about convincing people that the glamourbomber is magical. It's about causing others to think *they* have just experienced something magical. The underlying point is to reconnect ourselves and others to the parallel realm of existence (also known as faerie) that is fluid and transformative. It's all about the magic.

Have you ever delivered a glamour bomb? Be so kind as to share it with us. You can even post pictures, but if the pictures are big (over 400 pixels high or wide) then you must use the lj-cut tag.

Please limit criticism to constructive suggestions. If you are unkind, and the moderators think you are being a flamer, troll, or just plain nasty, then your comment and/or post will be deleted. Blatant trolling will get you banned. Let's keep this a drama-free community.

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